Madasa-Soles: Home to Barton Turns


Friday, 1 June 2007

Home to Barton Turns

We left home at 11am for Barton Turns we had mixed weather on the way some dry and some very heavy showers. Called into Alrewas butchers for some meat on or way its only a few miles from the boat the meat there is excellent. It takes about 3 hrs from home to boat. Sorted out the things we had brought up then had a relaxing afternoon and evening.

The dog had me up quite early this morning he needed to go out it was 7.15am when I was walking around the field then it was to the boat and a cup of tea in bed. Bernard had a busy day to day washed and polished the boat and put it back into our own mooring because when we came back in last time some one else was in out mooring so we had to use an empty one. Then put the 4 new batteries on and working down in the engine room is quite a task.

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