Madasa-Soles: 2012


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

10 Days away in France

11th September  and we are on our way to France to spend a holiday in south brittany with our friends Pam and Cliff

We were on the 8.30pm ferry Portsmouth to St malo  arriving 8.30am on Wednesday 12th. We  were soon on our way down to  a little village  called Quil

The weather was bright and sunny and we soon arrived at our friends Sally & Phill’s cottage


The cottage outside

France D300 032

France D300 014

The swimming pool

France D300 015

France D300 016

The grounds


France D300 019

France D300 021


France D300 001

the dining room

France D300 003

The kitchen

France D300 023

the lounge

during the next days  we toured around the south of  brittany

Nikon D80 001

The lock cottage in the village

Nikon D80 007

Nikon D80 010

The market place questembert

Nikon D80 011

Nikon D80 013

Nikon D80 015t

Rochefort  en terre


Nikon D80 014

Rochefort en terre


Nikon D80 016

Nikon D80 018

Nikon D80 019

Nikon D80 020

Nikon D80 021



Nikon D80 024


La Boule the people collecting cockles on the beach

Nikon D80 022

Nikon D80 025

La Boule Beach

Nikon D80 027

Nikon D80 026

Nikon D80 028

Nikon D80 029


La Roche Bernard and Bernard standing by the bridge

Nikon D80 032

Views from the bridge

Nikon D80 033

Nikon D80 034

Nikon D80 038

Nikon D80 039

Nikon D80 042


Nikon D80 044

Nikon D80 046

Nikon D80 052

Nikon D80 054

Nikon D80 056

Nikon D80 057

Nikon D80 060

Nikon D80 062

Nikon D80 063

Nikon D80 070

Nikon D80 072


Nikon D80 073


Josselin  the Chatteau

Nikon D80 089

Nikon D80 091

Nikon D80 093


Josselin  town hall

France Sept2012 014


France Sept2012 011

The church Josselin

Nikon D80 100


Ploermel and the world clock

Nikon D80 095

Nikon D80 096

Nikon D80 097

Nikon D80 098

Nikon D80 100

Nikon D80 102

The Church Ploermel

Nikon D80 105

Nikon D80 106

Bern been in for a quick confessional

Nikon D80 108

all to soon it  came to an end and it was time to pack our bags and head up to St  Malo where

we had booked a room for the night ready for our crossing to Portsmouth the next day.

We were up bright and early and headed to the supermarket to get a fresh French stick and a bottle of wine

for our picnic on board the ferry for our 6 hour crossing. We headed to the port and  got into the lines at the

terminal when this lady came about giving out leaflets saying Brittany Ferries was on strike.

What a blow!! we went back to the cottage to decide what we could do with the aid of the internet. and decided the only

way was to drive to Calais which  was 400 miles away so next morning wee set off on this mammoth drive with flasks and food

for the journey we arrived for the 5.15pm P & O ferry  and  away we went  saving the hour difference we were going to carry

on until dark then find a premier inn for the night  BUT we seemed to have passed the fatigue  area  and carried on arriving home just after Midnight

But a great holiday was had b y all of us.


to   soon it came to an end and it was time to pack our  bags and head to the formula I  we had booked in St |Malo for night

ready for our morning crossing to Portsmouth.