Madasa-Soles: May 2011


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Caravan Rally at Ross on Wye

Friday 6th May we set off just after 11am to join the Gwent Centre for a rally at Ross on Wye

We arrived just after 12.15.  We towed the pander with us this time.

This was a lovely site right on the banks of the river Wye. Weather was beautiful.

ross on wye 001

ross on wye 002

ross on wye 003

ross d80 001


ross d80 005

Saturday 7th May

Started off with rain quite heavy  but soon the sun came out again so a trip into Monmouth

and ross town with a visit to the market. the photos below were take on the way back to the site.

ross on wye 005

ross on wye 007

ross on wye 009

ross on wye 010

ross on wye 011

ross on wye 012

Beautiful  Red flowering horse chestnut trees

ross on wye 013

ross on wye 015

Well the rain started at 6pm and didn’t stop it hammered down all night. Bernard wondered if he would get the motorhome off ok.

We decided to take the motorhome out and I drove the car to a nearby lay by to hitch up so all went well.

We arrived home just after 12.30.