Madasa-Soles: Caravan Club Rally at USK


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Caravan Club Rally at USK

23rd to 25th April

Friday 23rd April in glorious weather we set off for a weekend at USK with the Avon Centre caravan club we arrived on site just after 12noon we were meeting up with my cousin from Cheltenham. After setting up and getting the barby going we had some sausage sarnies then went off into Abergavenny for the afternoon.

Back on site we got the bbq going again and had a few drinks and a good catch up chat with the cousin.

Saturday morning Geoff was playing golf at the Alice Springs golf club just down the road  it was the Avon Centre golf tournament rally and he was making the numbers up. When he came back to site we went into Monmouth for a mooch around. Another beautiful day and another bbq.

It tipped down with rain through the night but by the morning the sun was out again it should always be like this.

Sunday morning at flag the winner of the golf tournament was announced and yes it was GEOFF. he couldn’t take the cup because he was not a member of the avon centre but he knew that before he played anyway so the person who came second took the cup.

Pont Kemys Site USK




Drena & Geoff’s New Puppy TED 6 Months old


Ted in Jack’s bed. 


Time to pack up and head for home until the next time.


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