Madasa-Soles: 8 Days away Thurs 23 - to Fri 31st Oct 2008


Thursday, 6 November 2008

8 Days away Thurs 23 - to Fri 31st Oct 2008

We booked a few days away in the motorhome 23 and 24th Oct at the caravan Club Site in Wellington Nr Taunton then onto a caravan club rally at Beverley Park Paignton 25th to 29th Oct  then back to the club site at Wellington on 30th Oct and home Friday 31st Oct.

We keep our morothome on storage at a farm but we check it almost every day.  on the Wednesday we went  to take some things down Bernard opened the bonnet and saw quite a lot of mouse droppings in the engine area PANIC Struck we put some mouse traps in there with some chocolate drops on Thursday went to get the motorhome traps still live but chocolate gone Panic again any way loaded up and went on our way to Wellington. Once on site and seteled down we put two more traps in the engine with chocolate on and again in the morning traps still live chocolate gone. Now  Wellington is two hours away from where we live so how is this mouse/mice still there with all the heat that gets into the engine?????

I tell you we caused quite a discussion with different groups of people on that site people giving advice but to no avail this thing was much wiser than us.

We have been caravanners for 37yars and have always had a garage at our property to store the caravan but this motorhome is too big for our garage hence storage at the farm.

Any way we went down to Chelstons motorhome sales just a mile away from the caravan club site for a look around and there it was a low profile motorhome low enough to go into our garage we both liked the lay out  and only a foot difference in length but we did'nt  do any thing about just went back to our motorhome and bait the traps again. Sat morning same thing chocolate gone traps still live.

We were on our way again now to Paignton another 1/1/2 hrs arrived on  rally site and seteled in. A great site with plenty to do for a family free indoor and outdoor pool excellent entertainment for both kids and adults but it rained and the wind blew most of the time we were there and the site became just red muck ugh .

Mickey the mouse was still with us on Monday I thought  right that's enough I melted the chocolate onto the traps and hey presto Tuesday morning under the bonnet there he/she was in the trap now I didn't take a photo (just because I was so excited to have got it I forgot ) but just as well if I had put a photo on here the authorities might have got me for cruelty.

Some photos taken from the Camp site





the beach at Goodrington





Thursday 30th was time to say goodbye to the folks on the rally and head back to Wellington for our last night stop before makiong our way home. On our way we passed many flooded fields this was due to the very bad weather devon had during the night. Photos taken as we were driving along.



We arrived at our site at Wellington by 11am got seteled in then went back to Chelstons for another look at the low profile motorhome.

After the stress we had with the mouse and not knowing how we would cope with having the motorhome back down the farm we decided to go for this and have it back in our own garage. so did the deal and are picking up the new van next Tue 11/11

Friday 31/10 left Wellington for home.



Look at the thousand of cars and vans held here ready for sale. And we think when we buy a new car it's new but no it's been here for years.017

The severn estuary020


Crossing the Severn Bridge022


Back at home now.

We have now taken every thing out of our M/H including the seats until next Monday. Three traps in the engine and three traps inside .

Cant wait to get the M/H back in our garage.



Kernow Camper said...

Hi Maureen

I so LOVE your blog and your photos - you always seem to have lovely blue skies!!!!

ANOTHER new motorhome eh? Sounds like a good idea though! We have ours at home with us, not garaged, but on our drive so at least we can keep an eye on her!

I bet you're really looking forward to picking her up. Can't wait to see the photos of your new toy on your blog.

We're not away now until 27 December! :o(


Anonymous said...

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