Madasa-Soles: 23/05/07


Thursday, 24 May 2007


Today is back to normal or as normal as can be 8.15am off to pick up Luke youngest grandson and take to school. 9am down to the hospital for Bernard/s blood tests ready for his annual diabetic review a week on Monday(4/06/07) no sooner we get away from the hospital and we get a call from Richard Son to say Luke was sent home from school because he had a swollen face due to a tooth infection and would I get him to the dentist as Lynda daughter in law don't drive. So off I go pick him up and off to the dentist. He couldn't have the tooth out until the infection goes so he's on antibiotic's for a week 12.30 before I got back home.
And by the way forgot to say some one have racked up £700.46p on my Barclaycard at Jersey so there's forms to fill in and sort that lot out. Also my faithfull old Fuji F601 camera decided to die so I ordered a Fuji F31fd on line which I received today so spent some time working out the new camera and so we had a quiet afternoon and evening and TV

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